Cinde Warmington for executive council

Dear Editor,

As a state representative for the towns of Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Walpole, and Westmoreland, all in New Hampshire’s second Executive Council District, I am pleased to be supporting Cinde Warmington for Executive Council Sept. 8.

The position of executive councilor requires a combination of both professional skills and personal values. Cinde’s 40 years of professional experience in healthcare is impressive, both as a frontline healthcare worker and as a healthcare and contract attorney. We don’t have anyone on our executive council right now with a healthcare background, and this expertise is clearly needed as we navigate and rebuild from COVID-19.

Importantly, being an executive councilor requires compassion, empathy, and civility. It requires a commitment to critical issues such as women’s health and reproductive rights, priorities that Cinde and I share. Anyone who knows Cinde knows this is who she is a hard worker, a listener, and someone who knows both how to find common ground and when to stand her ground.

I hope that voters in District 2 will cast their ballot for Cinde Warmington in the Democratic primary Sept. 8.


Paul Berch

State Representative

Cheshire District 1

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