Christine Hallquist for Vermont

Dear Editor,

One of the glories of Vermont is its reliance on local control of its local governments. Town meetings, town and school budgets. That is probably the most significant difference between Vermont and almost everywhere else.

If you are, like me, a big fan of this government culture, look closely at the two candidates for governor of Vermont. Phil Scott is working hard to take control of local school budgets. For example, take his moves during the last two legislative sessions. Undermining teachers unions and ignoring school budgets already passed by local voters. He is pursuing an ideological war against unions and discarding the wishes of local voters. That is the exact opposite from what Christine Hallquist would do as governor.

As the CEO of Vermont Electric Coop, Christine met one-on-one with every single employee every year. A very effective way to run a company! Christine led the company from the brink of bankruptcy up to an A-plus rating with national recognition. She made their electric grid 96 percent fossil fuel free without raising rates. Direct democracy works.

Christine has run her campaign the same way. She travels across the state to meet everyday Vermonters. Her team holds virtual town halls online to learn how Vermonters think about the issues, just as she listened to the employees of the company she led. As governor, she will hold monthly town halls across the state. She will listen to, respect, and deliver what Vermonters need and want. Participation in town meetings has been dropping. Christine knows how to combat that. Bring state government down to the local level and engage with us on issues that matter. Taking control of local budgets is not the answer. Do you see Phil doing that?

I want a governor who is willing to listen to me. Christine is all about making governance a two-way street in Vermont, and she is establishing new ways to make sure this happens while she is in office.

I am voting for Christine. She is the far better choice to lead Vermont. I urge you to vote for her.


Bill Kuch

Springfield, Vt.

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