Celebrating Vietnam veterans

Dear Editor,

Senior Solutions salutes our Vietnam veterans. As we celebrate Vietnam Veterans Day March 29, Senior Solutions would like to take the opportunity to recognize their service to our country and to their communities.

Veterans have a long and deep commitment to service. Through connecting with the American Legion and other veteran groups and individuals in the Vet-to-Vet Visitor Program, we can appreciate their strength of purpose, caring, and selfless contributions. These are men and women who continue far into retirement to exhibit the ideal of making the lives of others better. We are grateful to be allowed to work together with our veterans on the visitor programs. These volunteers are the most important part of the projects.

So, if you are a Vietnam veteran and would like to continue to serve, please call our Help Line at 802-885-2669 and ask how you can join. In Windsor and Windham counties, the “Buddy System” is alive and well!


Joann Erenhouse

Senior Solutions

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