BFHS bygone sports era

Dear Editor,

This is my third and final installment covering a bygone sports era at Bellows Falls High School. I was hoping for and received input from others on the first two articles.

The following are their selections, along with some additional choices of my own.

  • Simone Perrault – diver at the pool. I remember Simone as being a beautiful diver.
  • Paul McGuirk – football. If I’m not mistaken, Paul was voted “top lineman at practice,” during his Shrine Game camp.
  • Mike Cray – tough football player. Mike was a patient at the Shriners Hospital and later played in the game. Mike’s sister Sue certainly could expound on this.
  • Pat Buckley – diver at the pool. I remember Pat (B Boys) as being a dynamic athlete. Along with brothers Dave and Jay (also a member of the B Boys), they combined to make up a very athletic family. I would be amiss here if I didn’t mention their mother, Majella, who made Bellows Falls High School a very pleasant place to be on a daily basis.
  • Jim Stack – football. Jim went on to be the captain of the Boston University football team.
  • Jim Brynes – football. Jim was by far the best player on his Vermont Shrine team. Brother Larry brought a physical toughness to the B Boys.
  • Dickie Healy – football. Simply put, Dickie was outstanding on both sides of the ball.

I would like to thank Jim Managan, Doug MacPhee, Mark Kennedy, John Dagnoli, and Tim Nelson for their selections. Please note, in the second article, Dave Black should read Dave Blake.

I’d like to end with a little trivia. Who was the last North Walpole player to represent Bellows Falls in the Shrine Game?

Once again, this has been so much fun. Please stay well.

Thank you,

Dave Barry

Bellows Falls High School, Class of 1967

P.S. Trivia answer is Jack Lloyd

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