Balancing out the Legislature

Dear Editor,

Our Vermont government is facing difficult and confusing times and is in need of change. I think that change should come in the form of balance. Our lawmakers sit in the House of Representatives that is made up of 150 elected officials.

I am not a hater and do not claim that one party holds moral superiority over the other. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. The house now has 43 Republicans out of the 150 members. I find that this is out of balance to the degree that the strong side cannot be held accountable because with these numbers they have full control.

I submit to you that voting Republican this election cycle would be helpful to our state if it brought balance to the Statehouse.

I also believe if the tables were to turn and the House went the other way that we could face the same unbalance problem. If that were to happen, we may want to reconsider our vote the next time. We all want our state to function properly, and I don’t believe that it can be as lopsided as it is now. Voting Republican in 2020 can help solve some problems that exist in our state right now.


Rich Parry

Springfield, Vt.

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