An unsuccessful stuntwoman

Dear Editor,

An unsuccessful stuntwoman – yes, unfortunately that’s me. But fortunately, Springfield has a great emergency room and staff.

I was carrying all my groceries up the stairs to my apartment in one trip. Both of my arms were loaded with heavy grocery bags. As I entered the porch to my apartment, one of the bags got caught on the porch door handle.

This is where the “stuntwoman” part comes in. I turned and faced the door and pulled. Of course, the stuck bag came loose very quickly and easily. And with all the heavy groceries still on my arms, I was propelled back and down like a slingshot.

I hit my head and back so hard that I decided I needed to get checked out. I went to nearby Urgent Care first, and they sent me straight to the Springfield E.R.

Bradley Darin, PAC, and staff took great care of me. I was there for an extended period of time because I needed two cat scans about six hours apart. Bradley could tell that I was nervous and went out of his way to keep me informed. So thank you, Bradley, for that!

In conclusion, there are two morals to this story. We must do all we can to keep all local hospitals, like Springfield’s, going. I live alone and could not have driven all the way to Dartmouth.

And, do not try to be a “stuntwoman or man.” I did not need to take all the groceries up at one time. I am retired so I could have brought up one item at a time and gotten some extra needed exercise.


Linda Brown

Springfield, Vt.

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