Alstead Fire Department seeks funds from town

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The Fire and Rescue unit Alstead Fire and Rescue is looking to purchase
The Fire and Rescue unit Alstead Fire and Rescue is looking to purchase. Photo provided

The Alstead, N.H. Fire Department has recognized a unique opportunity to acquire a fully equipped side-by-side fire and rescue unit. By using bulk pricing, sales, and last year models, a package worth over $33,000 has been made available to the town for $28,000. The Alstead Volunteer Firefighters Association has raised just over $18,500 through pledged gifts, a raffle, and solicited donations. We are asking the town to provide the final $9,500 from its capital reserve fund to procure this package while it is still available and without the need for any new tax dollars.

These units are becoming the norm for fire departments to own and operate. Much like the JAWS of life 30 years ago, departments are realizing the many benefits of having these units in town ready to go in order to save valuable time when it comes to stopping the spread of fire or performing a rescue in areas that ambulances cannot access. This unit will be fully equipped to perform both fire and all-season rescue unlike any other in the area at the cost pennies on the dollar to the town. Like all of Alstead’s fire apparatus, this unit will also be made available to the surrounding communities through the mutual aide system.

This unit will also help to lower liability, as it will take the place in many cases of relying on volunteer firefighters to carry 40 pounds of water or 250-pound victims over rugged terrain. Anyone familiar with volunteer departments will understand that not all their members meet the requirements of being on a traditional firefighters’ calendar. The Alstead volunteers have done an amazing job raising over two-thirds the funds needed for this and are asking for the town’s support March 9 to complete this purchase.

Additional information can be found on the Alstead Fire and Rescue Facebook page.


Alstead Fire and Rescue

Alstead, N.H.

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