A thank you letter

Dear Editor,

Where does one start when wanting to thank so many people who contribute to our Ludlow way of life – so many to thank and not miss someone.

Thanks to our Ludlow Legion and coordinator Mr. Gary Macintyre for a great Memorial Day service, Dr. Bill Vannerman for his great Memorial Day speech– the flyover brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.

Veterans Day, so many to thank for such a great program respecting our veterans. Thanks to Mr. Ned Bowen and again Ludlow American Legion Post 36 for all the years coordinating our Veterans Day programs. Thanks to our school, teachers, students, and school administration and staff for showing and teaching respect to our veterans. Special thanks to Mrs. Andrea Sanford for all the years of her efforts and time to coordinate the Veterans Day programs, a tireless project of many hours. Many thanks, Andrea.

Thanks to Gov. Scott for his well-received speech and his attendance.


Herb and Sandy Van Guilder

Ludlow, Vt.

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