A response to Sen. Dick McCormack’s “Something to Write Home About”

Dear Editor,

Many of you are first or half-generation Vermonters, our legislators, what was the attraction that brought you here? Did you come here to transform Vermont into the places you left? Did someone pay you $10,000 to locate here? I’m not being snide; these are straightforward questions.

I feel Sen. McCormack’s recent submission, “Something to write home about,” leads us to a very important conversation: climate control and the political process. The protest in the capital during the governor’s state address was disrespectful and inexcusable. Many there were school-aged kids. Was this not a school day? What do these kids know of real-world situations, only what is taught by their peers and educators? Educators who excuse their school attendance for this disrespectful display. How is climate change protest productive when roads are blocked, causing people to “idle,” preventing the passage of emergency vehicles and people going to work or appointments?

I see the end result, the “carbon tax,” to burden the young families and struggling seniors.

Though the U.S. is one of the top polluters in the world, China is number 1, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, and Canada are all in the top 10. Vermont has 0.002% of the U.S. population, equal to Boston. We think we’re going to save the world by further tax burden? A tax burden that will give a rebate to those wealthy enough to afford an electric car and solar panels?

For your electric cars, where is the lithium mined? How is it recycled? Why do we support wind power when it takes more energy to make a windmill than it will ever produce? Is it recyclable? Solar panels, 20-year life span, are they recyclable? Why are our state agencies so against hydro? Modern hydro is “green” and by the use of diversion dams, non-obstructive to fish migration.

Do we want to make a change in global pollution? Almost everything is made of plastic, not just grocery bags and straws. Stop the burning of the rainforests, our natural air filter. Plant a tree.

No tax will cleanse the earth.


Randy Gray

N. Springfield, Vt.

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