A response to Ludlow Selectboard meeting, Oct. 7

Dear Editor,

I just read in the Journal that the Ludlow Selectboard is going to hold a discussion and then a vote, town meeting style, on Nov. 12 to decide whether or not to acquire the high school building. Why is this not being held as a town wide vote as is usual with most major town proposals? Those of us who will be out of town, work at night, or for other reasons will not be able to attend this meeting will have no voice in this important decision. We are being effectively disenfranchised. I for one would very much like to have a vote on this issue but will not be able to do so.

Further, in that same article, under the subject of the proposed 1% local options tax, it stated that the additional income raised from this source could be used for taking over the school building, among other things. I’ve been under the impression that the movement to establish an independent school here is being done independently and money is being raised for this by some concerned parents, rather than being something sanctioned and possibly paid for by the town itself. I know that many in Ludlow are strongly opposed to the BRISC movement, feeling it will not benefit the education of our children or the finances of the town.

There are always two sides to all issues. I’m sure there are aspects to this that I don’t know about, but I’m concerned that only one side of this issue seems to be publicly supported by those in elected leadership roles who I feel should be impartial.


Marty Harrison

Ludlow, Vt.

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