A response to discussion on Tierney Road

Dear Editor,

“Cavendish residents continue discussion on Tierney Road” by Thomas Foster IV, July 11, needs corrections. Several statements reportedly made at the meeting are misquotes. Perhaps they were made outside this meeting, but were not made on July 9 (not July 10, as reported). There is also bias in this article, as shown below. The meeting is posted at www.okemovalley.tv/cavendish-selectboard-79.

First, another operator, not Mr. Savage, would buy the property and operate the quarry.

The article devotes 137 words to the position of the anti-quarry group, and 79 words – 58 percent – to two non-Tierney residents in favor of it despite the anti-quarry group’s well-prepared presentation and comments being the overwhelming bulk of the discussion, making the article highly biased against the anti-quarry position.

Carl Snyder is quoted as saying that “The commercial business could bring more tax dollars to balance everything out.” He presents no analysis to support this – although he does agree that revenue may be lost – and unreported Bruce Watson quickly rebutted it. Mr. Snyder is also reported to have said that a 1976 quarry was thwarted and “We lost potential jobs and stone that they were willing to donate.” Mr. Snyder did not say that at this meeting. However, it is unclear that any Cavendish jobs are involved in the quarry, and the statement implies that the quality of life on Tierney Road is less important than a small pile of rocks.

Linda Watson “respectfully” requested the board take certain actions, and did not “demand” anything.

Someone is quoted as saying “Now we know who our neighbors are. All I hear is threats.” On the video, she said, “Threats don’t make for good neighbors.” In either case, no threats are being made to anyone.

For the record, this describes the Tierney Road residents: we pay a substantial amount in taxes. Since most of the tax goes to educate other people’s children, we get little direct benefit from it. But education is absolutely essential, and we gladly pay for it. Second, we patronize local businesses year-round. We have miles of free snowmobile trails on our properties. Some of us contribute to local causes in money, time, and effort. Finally, four of us on Tierney Road are Vietnam or Vietnam-era veterans. The Tierney Road residents are an asset to Cavendish. We respect the board and the town, and will continue to work to improve it.


Kem and Svetlana Phillips

Cavendish, Vt.

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