A letter to Weathersfield voters

Dear Editor,

My name is David Fuller and I write to ask the voters of Weathersfield for their vote March 5, 2019 for the three-year seat at the Selectboard. I have been a farmer in our community since 1977. I am proud to have served our town previously on the Selectboard and also on the School Board. My father served on this Board before me and now I have encouraged my daughter, Kristen Bruso, to run for the School Board as well.

I could not agree more with the recent editorial written by Sen. Dick McCormick, who asked that everyone learn and engage in civics lessons with their town and school.

Our town has made some interesting choices lately. The recent Fire Department consolidation plan that we will vote on has not been handled as has been presented. At this date, there is no agreement between all parties and, therefore, at best this proposal is incomplete.

I ask for your vote March 5 2019 in Weathersfield.


David T. Fuller

Weathersfield, Vt.

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