A letter to Rockingham residents

Dear Editor,

This concession letter is to all five residential communities who reside under Rockingham Township. I want to first congratulate Stefan Golec, Susan Hammond, and Ben Masure for your success in fulfilling the Selectboard seats going forward for this upcoming year. I enjoyed spending ten-plus hours standing with you in a beautiful weather day.

I want to thank all who took time to come out and vote and take part in your civic duty, and I especially want to thank the 481 residents who felt the belief to vote me into a Selectboard seat.

I, along with others, was quite shocked how close the results were. This just proves we are evolving into broadening our insights and horizons.

I want to thank all who took time to either work or partake in volunteering to oversee the 12-plus hour day to ensure the smooth process of our part in Super Tuesday both for local and our country.

I’m hopeful going forward there are more residents who register to vote! There was just about a handful who did on this day. I’m hopeful going forward there are more residents, especially young adults, folks who rent, and more of the elderly folks who feel they can partake in the process to attend the Town Hall meeting. Their voice is just as important because they pay their percentage as well.

There were approximately 120 residents, which equates to less than 5% of the overall registered voters. Those voters are the ones who are doing your bidding when it comes to the general budget and any additional expenses and Articles of Petition asking for money.

Keep in mind, the more you attend, the less squawking there will be when it comes to property taxes. The less than 5% were also able to reason why the public works director and the director of development positions are crucial to the community; however, the overall results of reinstating the updates will fall upon the new Selectboard, who are the same folks.

We must understand anything our five communities need in the town comes from your money, which directly gets funneled via property taxes.

In addition, I’m hopeful going forward more residents start to understand the need to put alternatives in place such as new ideas, people who can sit on the various different boards overseeing those budgets, and the need to have Australian Ballots in place.

The School Board panel had challenges explaining why with approximately 500 students in place, how we can justify paying over $10 million to accommodate their budget. Between salaries, benefits, and oppressive regulations coming down from the state level, it’s no wonder Rockingham community is having challenges expanding the Grand List.

In conclusion, I’m hopeful going forward, if anyone steps up to ask you for a signature of support for an article petition, understands how important this process is.


Michele Ohayon

Rockingham, Vt.

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