A letter of support for Will Hoser for Chester Selectboard

Dear Editor,

Dedication and commitment to one’s community are the hallmarks of a good public servant, and that is why I am delighted to write a letter in support of Will Hoser for a one-year term on Chester’s Selectboard. I have known Will for 16 years and know that he is someone who really cares about his community and will always act in a way that is in the best interest of everyone who lives or works in Chester.

Will has lived and raised three children in Chester and knows the importance of providing a good education while having costs remain affordable. He has been a small business owner and has benefited from the town’s small business loan program. He will be in touch with the needs of Chester’s business community.

Will has practiced medicine as a physician’s assistant in Springfield for 23 years. You may have had occasion to meet him if you’ve ever been a patient at Springfield Hospital Emergency Department. Currently, he’s been providing medical care at several local urgent care facilities in Springfield, Ludlow, and Charlestown, N.H., and serves on a Covid-19 work group with the Springfield Medical Care Systems.

For the past 12 years, Will has served on the Vermont Board of Medical Practice – four years as vice chair and five years as chair. His experience and knowledge of medical regulation with the charge of public protection, safety, and welfare has enabled him to develop skills to guide decisions the Selectboard might be tasked with making.

Will is also currently serving on the governance commission for the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Through his work with these organizations, Will has developed leadership skills that will serve him well as a Selectboard member and a real team player. One of Will’s strongest reasons to serve on Chester’s Selectboard is his commitment to public service and to give back to his community.

I hope you will join me in voting for Will Hoser on March 2 in person at Town Hall. Or if you prefer to vote now, you can request a ballot from our town clerk.


Kathy Pellett,

Former State Representative for Chester

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