A letter of support for Walter Martone

Dear Editor,

What have you and I been doing for the last six years? I know what Walter Martone has been doing. He’s been working to move Springfield onto a path toward a strong and stable economic base. He has been demonstrating what commitment, leadership and skills can do for a town. A quick glance at the appearance of downtown’s small parks and improved structures, as well as the appearance and safety of Union Street, can show you a few of the most obvious changes our town has seen.

The Selectboard has accomplished a great deal in the last six years, using Walter’s framework of a Strategic Plan to agree on goals and take actions to reach them. His colleagues on the Selectboard have realized his leadership skills and elected him to be their chair. He has advocated for our town in Montpelier and obtained state support for projects too large for us to accomplish without additional support. I cannot imagine where Walter gets the energy to do everything he does for our town. He is involved in every project either directly or indirectly. He works both behind the scenes and in formal settings, forming productive relationships as he goes.

Walter is clear about his priorities for our town’s future. He plans to actively market Springfield to potential new businesses and residents, so that we can more easily support the high costs of the services we all enjoy. He plans to pursue new avenues to increase neighborhood revitalization efforts. He plans to maintain our town’s infrastructure. Three broad goals that are easily said but require continual small steps every day to carry out.

Walter believes in Springfield, and I believe in Walter. I plan to vote for him to continue his work on the Selectboard. I hope that you do too.


Lori Claffee

Springfield, Vt.

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