A letter of support for Leslie Goldman

Dear Editor,

Now more than ever in the state of Vermont, we are forced to confront daunting issues that will impact all of our lives as well as the future of this place we love. Representation in our state government matters. We, the voters, get to decide who will be our voice in the government.

Under certain circumstances, the governor has the authority to appoint a representative; his choice – made for his own reasons – is not necessarily the choice of the people. In Windham-3, we voters have an excellent choice to represent us: Leslie Goldman. Leslie has served our community on the School Board and Selectboard, run for office, treated many of us in her 37 years as a nurse practitioner, and raised her family here.

Leslie is a systems thinker. She brings first-hand experience of the challenges in health care and education, as well as an open mind and desire to solve problems. I may not agree with every decision or viewpoint of Leslie’s, but she will listen, seek input, research, weigh the alternatives, and then make a decision. I will vote for Leslie, confident that she has the amazing combination of practical problem-solving skills, judgment, compassion, and strength to represent our district and address our needs in this very unsettled time.


Flo Levin

Rockingham, Vt.

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