A letter of support for Danny Taylor

Dear Editor,

I would like to write a letter of support for Danny Taylor for the Athen’s Selectboard and Road Commissioner. I first met Danny during the Irene recovery effort in Grafton. I was very impressed with his organizational skills and his straightforward management style.

At the peak, we had 58 trucks operating in town. It was a well-organized operation, and many people contributed, but if I had to pick an MVP I would pick Danny.

Irene led me to multiple years on the Grafton Selectboard where I got to work closely with Danny. He is very well rounded, manages the crew, sets good priorities, operates equipment well, maintains and repairs equipment, utilizes available training, and applies for grants. He is always well prepared at Selectboard meetings and speaks well and is very well respected in our town.

I only wish he could run for the Grafton Selectboard, but I am sure he will bring these same traits and skills to Athens.

I would encourage you to vote for Danny Taylor.


Al Sands

Past Grafton Selectboard member

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