A letter of gratitude to the residents of Cavendish, Ludlow

Dear Editor,

To the residents of Cavendish and Ludlow, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for once again voting tax exempt status for the Fletcher Farm Foundation on Town Meeting Day.

Fletcher Farm Foundation has been around since 1933 and was established in honor of Gov. Allen Fletcher by his wife and daughters to benefit the people of Cavendish and Ludlow. Annually, we donate funds to the libraries in both towns, provide buildings for public use, and make acreage available for the community garden, Fletcher Farm Athletic Fields, and for Miss Fanny’s Hiking Trail. Our buildings are also the site for the Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts. This affirmative action will allow us to continue to provide a range benefits and opportunities to the residents of your towns.

Sincere thanks for your vote of confidence.


George O. Thomson, president

Fletcher Farm Foundation

Ludlow, Vt.

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