A letter of gratitude to our family, friends, and neighbors

Dear Editor,

How do we thank all the special people who lovingly came to support the family of Barbara Comtois after her sudden passing? We hope these words can convey to all of you how your sympathy and strength guided us through while the angels took our Nan to our Poppy. Apparently, Richard called for her so they could be together on their 54th wedding anniversary.

We want to express our gratitude to our friends and family who traveled from Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and right here in Vermont to attend Barbara’s services. Your phone calls and cards eased our pain as you shared our loss. Thank you for braving the rain so her funeral could be in the beautiful Margaret Halladay Memorial Garden at the United Church of Bellows Falls.

We are grateful for all the first responders, Reverend Alison Jacobs, the Potter family from Fenton and Hennessey Funeral Home, and our immediate family for the caring support and for answering our endless questions.

We are honored by the generosity of everyone who put together such amazing food for us. We know it took many to come together as a family with donations of food or funds for the reception, flowers and plants, gifts, cards, and even a lawn mowing. We are humbled by all who gave to the Comtois Family Scholarship fund or another charity in honor of our mom. Barbara loved all her families, and you have graciously loved us back.

It is said that a family is like a circle, never broken but always complete. To hold Barbara’s place with us, we have an abundance of joyous memories of her with all of you. These will sustain us for many years to come until we can be together as a whole family again.

Barbara’s legacy, so appropriately written by several, was “giving to others with kindness and care.” May we all strive to follow her lead and live by her example. We miss you everyday, mom, but know you just love those new angel wings!

Our sincere and heartfelt appreciation,

The Comtois Family

The Illingworth Family

The Randall Family

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