A letter of gratitude from the Gill Home

Dear Editor,

I am writing to thank you, Ludlow friends and neighbors, for your thoughtfulness in voting for our property taxes to have been abated these three years. This is not a year of us “asking you.” It is a year of us “Thanking You.” We are a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit skilled nursing home and have been caring for members of Ludlow and the surrounding communities now for 125 years, beginning in 1896.

I want to tell you that during this trying year of the pandemic we have remained Covid-19 free. We are very proud of that. With that accomplishment though comes the burden of separation of our residents from their loved ones. Both the residents and their families have been more than patient this year with our very strict visiting rules, which take place six feet apart and while wearing masks. We also have visits that take place with a door between, the advantage being a mask isn’t needed. This allows the resident to see the smiling faces of their loved ones. Neither is ideal but makes visiting possible.

We have recently made our own version of the “Hugging Wall” that you may have seen online or television. It is a plastic sheet on a tall frame, with holes through it. The visitor wears gloves sealed in the holes, allowing them to reach to the resident and hold their hand or hug them. The resident also has the same ability to reach to their loved one. An embrace goes a long way.

The staff, residents, and Board Members want to say, “Thank you to our community,” and also to our many donors who have helped us be at the forefront of providing great care to our seniors. We appreciate all of your help!

Yours in friendship, love, and truth,

Theresa Southworth, administrator

Gill Odd Fellows Home

Ludlow, Vt.

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