A letter of gratitude for 12 years of support

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the many people who placed their trust in me for 12 years as I tried to be a voice of reason while representing our district in Montpelier. I especially want to thank those who donated their time or money, hosted a lawn sign, or encouraged people to support me. No one put more pressure on me than I did myself to improve the lives of Vermonters.

You saw the product of many hours of debate as the bills wound their way through the process. I often tell people it develops slowly for a reason and that the issues are complicated. When you make change after change to a statute that the Legislature felt they got right the first time, you had better know what else is affected.

I tried to be accessible and responsive to everyone. My focus was to improve our economy and make our state more affordable for young families so they would stay here.

It has been an honor to represent you, but it was not always easy. Please contact me with your concerns until the first week in January, and then we can all call the next person.


Rep. Dennis Devereux

Ludlow, Mount Holly, and Shrewsbury, Vt.

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