A letter of appreciation for the Second Chance shop

Dear Editor,

Springfield is very lucky to have a place to recycle their “unwanted items.” I find myself writing this article for two reasons. First, to shed light on this amazing person who donates her time weekly. Secondly, to make the public aware that she does indeed volunteer her time! I am writing about one of the very few recycling shops still open in our area. It’s called the Second Chance shop, located at the Springfield Recycling Center. My family affectionately refers to it as “The Springfield Mall.”

From what I understand, this Second Chance “shop” all came about thanks to Andrea. For over 20 years, she has volunteered her time every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday that the recycling center is open – weather permitting. She works tirelessly along side the paid employees making sure items are displayed and put in their proper place. She knows what people will use and what needs to be disposed of. This often can create ill feelings of those wanting to get rid of their “junk,” so be it. She keeps the shop tidy and organized and often works in inclement weather. Some days it’s hard to keep up with the donations. While many surrounding towns have opted to close their “swap shops” due to lack of organization, volunteers, or space, this place is thriving.

I see people from all walks of life in there donating and shopping. I see young people just starting out collecting dishes. I see parents gathering clothes for their children and elderly collecting books and puzzles. All items donated are all taken free of charge by “shoppers” or a donation can be left in the donation box.

My hopes for the future would be that the town could expand and improve on this highly used area and maybe even compensate Andrea for her hard work someday.

Springfield is lucky to have this space and even blessed to have Andrea. We appreciate what she does and her dedication to serve those less fortunate. Not to mention, all those who just like to find that special treasure.


Penny Steele

Springfield, Vt.

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