A letter in support of Tom Bock

Dear Editor,

Tom Bock has served the residents of our town and legislative district with care and should be reelected to the Vermont Legislature. As a business owner, Selectperson, local and regional planning commission member, and a Chester resident, Tom knows well the needs and concerns of the people and places within our legislative district of Andover, Baltimore, Chester, and a portion of North Springfield.

During his two terms serving as at the Statehouse, Tom, as a member at the Agricultural and Forestry Committee and the Commerce and Economic Development Committee, has sponsored legislative actions supporting our local farmers, small businesses, and workers displaced by the Covid-19 virus.

Tom Bock has our vote. His experience here at home and in the Legislature provides good guidance and leadership to the economic and social challenges that we are all addressing.


Leigh and Bill Dakin

Chester, Vt.

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