A letter in support of Springfield Hospital

Dear Editor,

We are blessed in Springfield and the surrounding areas to have a local hospital. Throughout the Covid-19 situation, the hospital employees – the true front line – have worked tirelessly and adjusted to give us, the public, excellent care.

The vaccine event that happened this past week was unfortunate. There were three thermometers in the “icebox.” The two hospital thermometers never measured a temp out of range. It was the government thermometer that measured out of range. The state representative then came out and misinformed us on who was at fault and that the vaccines had been discarded. This was picked up by news across the country. Fortunately, the samples were not discarded and Moderna, the vaccine producer, confirmed they were okay to use. Unfortunately, the damage to our hospital’s reputation was already complete.

It has been a tough few years financially and this was not needed. My care has always been top notch at Springfield. There are many that feel the same way. Thank Springfield Hospital for all the smiling faces, your caring and efficiency. Thank you for being there in the emergency room, patient care, and all over ‪24/7 putting our needs first.


Gerald Mittica

Springfield, Vt.

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