A letter in support of Leslie Goldman

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read Leslie Goldman’s announcement of her candidacy for the Windham-3 seat in the Vermont House of Representatives. I was part of the recruitment team that convinced Leslie Goldman and her husband Matthew Peake, M.D. to join the staff at Rockingham Memorial Hospital in 1982. We were colleagues until 1989 when I changed my practice venue.

I feel qualified to attest to her medical accomplishments and her personal characteristics: she is intelligent, bright, a hardworking team player, an excellent clinician, and has a long history public service by participating on the various boards and agencies, which she has listed in her announcement letter.

Since closing my office in 2013, I have had a number of different practice venues in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Missouri. Wherever I have been, the effect of burdensome government regulation, the greedy intrusions of “Big Pharma,” pharmaceutical companies; PBMs, pharmacy benefits management; and Big HealthCare Insurance are widespread and devastating. The system is completely broken, which unfortunately has been made very obvious by the current coronavirus crisis. Locally, our nearest hospital, Springfield Hospital, is in bankruptcy.

I cannot think of a more eminently qualified candidate for the Vermont House. I encourage my fellow citizens of Windham to join me in voting for Leslie Goldman this coming election.


Walter “Doc Wally” J. Griffiths, M.D.

Bellows Falls, Vt.

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