A letter in support of Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor,

Annmarie Christensen, representative for Windsor 2, has worked diligently to represent the citizens of Cavendish in Montpelier for the last two years. She listens to her constituents, stays informed about issues facing the town, and works with the Town Manager and others for the benefit of residents.

Among the actions she has taken: facilitating the introduction of Native American ceremonies by a Cavendish resident in correctional facilities in Springfield and St. Johnsbury; working to get Route 131 potholes patched (hopefully before winter); working with local groups to bring reliable, affordable Internet access to our communities; and facilitating the proclamation honoring the 100th birthday of former Cavendish resident Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

We urge all residents to vote Nov. 6. We support Annmarie’s return to Montpelier for another term.


Alan and Wendy Regier

Proctorsville, Vt.

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