A letter in support of Annmarie Christensen

Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of Annmarie Christensen, our Weathersfield/Cavendish representative, for re-election to the Vermont Legislature. Simply put, Annmarie has demonstrated that she has the time, energy, focus, connections, and experience to work towards accomplishing goals that will take Vermont towards a better future for the state and the people in it. As a result, we have access to better and more affordable health care and mental health care services. We have lower drug pricing. Opioid and heroin addicts have better access to treatment, which in the long term will reduce the proliferation of prescription opioid and heroin.

Annmarie recognizes that training and workforce opportunities must work for all Vermonters. She has supported paid family leave, an increased minimum wage, and voted to extend the use of the Career Pathways in Workforce Development, engaging students as early as seventh grade.

She recognizes that information is a tool for advancement in all areas of life and has worked as a member of the Cavendish and Weathersfield Internet working group and the Legislature’s rural caucus to bring affordable Internet access for rural Vermont.

For these and other reasons pertaining to the future of Vermont, we believe Annmarie is a keeper and ask you to join us in support of her and the work she is doing in Montpelier.


Matt Keniston

Nathalie Belleau

Perkinsville, Vt.

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