A letter from Weathersfield Budget Advisory Committee

Dear Editor,

To the taxpayers of Weathersfield, the following is the Weathersfield School Board Budget Advisory Committee report. Please take this into consideration when voting in March.

For the first time in many years, the Budget Advisory Committee does not support the School Budget. The committee was not appointed until the first part of December by the School Board as they did not think we needed one. Upon research, we found that this committee was voted in in 1972 and cannot be removed without a vote. The board then decided we could have a committee.

The committee met a few times and went over the budget, line by line, and found several items that we felt we could live without. The board never once asked to meet with us, which has always been done in the past so we could give our recommendations and come to an agreement. The committee felt that the School Board had made up their minds to go with the presented budget without even asking our opinion.

After applying $119,000 from the tax relief fund, which leaves a zero balance for emergencies, and $107,000 from local revenue, the budget is at $6,158,972 and, as stated previously, the Budget Advisory Committee does not support this amount.


Gloria Ballantine

Nathalie Whitney

Kathy Dana

Kelly O’Brien

Weathersfield, Vt.

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