A letter from the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library Board

Dear Editor,

The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library Board would like our community to know that we are engaged in extensive conversations about the safety of the students of Cavendish Town Elementary School and all of the patrons of this wonderful public library, including the children.

We are in contact with the GMUSD Board of Directors and the CTES Safety Committee, and down the road we will hold a community meeting to share information and gather your feedback. No decisions have been made and we, as the Board of Directors of the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library, are committed to the Cavendish community.


Sandra Russo, Robert Evans, Gloria Leven, John White, Janelle Wilfong, Carolyn Solzhenitsyn, Peggy Svec, Susan McNeely, and Sara Stowell

Cavendish Fletcher Community Library

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