A letter from an Independent candidate for governor and U.S. Representative

Dear Editor,

Hello! I want to thank every registered Vermont voter who signed petitions to allow me to appear on the Nov. 6, 2018 general election ballot for governor and for representative to the U.S. Congress as an Independent candidate.

The most often asked question was: “How are you going to pay for that?”

How will I get funding to make Vermont a sanctuary state for homeless U.S. military veterans?

There are more than 40,000 homeless veterans, many of whom have a pension or qualify for SSI benefits. If 10,000 agree to try living in our cold climate here in Vermont, then that’s 10,000 multiplied by about $1,000 per month benefits per veteran, which means 10 million new dollars comes into the economy of Vermont because it will be spent at local grocery stores and for other necessities. If 20,000 homeless veterans can be convinced to try living in Vermont, that’s 20 million new dollars per month of new money being spent into the local economy at stores, etc. If 30,000 homeless veterans come to Vermont, that might bring our total state population up to 650,000 people; and 30 million new dollars might be coming into the local economy spent at stores, etc.

Where is the money to pay for building new homes in Vermont for homeless U.S. military veterans? Well, I’ll tell you where I’m going to get that, and I won’t stop marching up and down the halls of the U.S. Congress until I do!

Your taxpayer dollars fly out of your paycheck and go to the U.S. Congress, which votes to give your tax dollars to the Pentagon. The Pentagon decides to give your tax dollars to various defense contractors, which use your tax dollars for research design and development to invent new jets, bombs, and weapons. Then the defense contractors sell the new defense equipment worldwide to our allies. The defense contractors make trillions of dollars. Where is your share? You paid for the research, design, and development? Why don’t taxpayers get 50 percent of the profits, sent to each of the 50 states for human services, and to build homes for homeless U.S. military veterans?

Under U.S. Copyright Laws and U.S. Patent Laws, and the TRIPS Agreement (International Property Treaty, Article 41 and 61), and the Paris Convention (intellectual property rights and work made for hire), the general intent is that the person paying for “work made for hire” owns the work product. So, if you want to become employed by a defense contractor, you usually have to sign a “work made for hire” agreement whereby the defense contractor owns any blueprint or invention you create.

By the same principle, taxpayers should demand that every time our tax dollars are used to invent new defense products, we should own 50 percent of the patents and copyrights and profits. It is time to restore the balance of power!

Right now, we are like serfs giving the kings taxes, with no return on our investment. This is how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The exact same principle applies to our tax dollars going to the U.S. Congress, which gives them to the National Institute of Health, which gives them to various pharmaceutical corporations which use them for research design and development of new prescription drugs and medical devices, and then sells them worldwide for a profit of trillions of dollars. Where is our share of the profit? We must demand 50 percent of the profit to pay for health care for all Americans.

In summary, in this campaign season, I am after the money.


Cris Ericson

Chester, Vt.

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