A letter from a retired law enforcement officer

Dear Editor,

I am a retired law enforcement officer. During my 46-year tenure, I saw things that sickened me then and things that sicken me now. The use of fire hoses, dogs, tear gas, and batons on black and white peaceful protestors and children in the ’60s, to the use of pepper spray and batons on peaceful protestors today.

The actions of some law enforcement officers are appalling. From the knocking down and disregard of a 70-year-old man, the shooting of an African American man in the back, to the suffocation of a man in handcuffs and so on. I and all other law enforcement officers took an oath to protect and serve. Not, just white, not just African American, not just Hispanics, everyone! The officers that committed the acts described are a disgrace to all officers that spend their careers doing what they swore to do. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers come from a very fallible species, the human race. No matter how hard we try, there will be bad ones.

I am proud of my tenure as a law enforcement officer and of all the underpaid, over worked, and underappreciated brother and sister officers that go out there everyday and put their lives on the line. That small number of bad cops cannot and will not deter the good ones.

I will add one final thought. Peaceful protest is just that, peaceful. When those protestors, black and white, set fires, destroy and loot property, they are no better than those bad cops, maybe worse.


David J. Brault

Chester, Vt.

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