A letter for the vote on pre-k program in Springfield

Dear Editor,

I’d like to ask that you take a minute to read about the upcoming vote for the pre-k program in Springfield, Vt. My goal is to answer some important questions that people in the community may have. The March vote is for the benefit of our children’s futures in Springfield.

For almost two years, a team of very dedicated and knowledgeable individuals have been working tirelessly to establish a beneficial pre-k program for our town. The purpose of the program is to help 3- and 4-year-olds get a jumpstart on their education and social interaction skills. It is also a great way to determine any IEP needs, as early as possible, and start children on a plan for future success. If the pre-k program is approved, and becomes a part of the Elm Hill family, it will result in second grade moving to Union Street Elementary School and fifth grade moving to Riverside Middle School.

This would provide a lot of opportunities and exciting changes for these two grades! While, some may have concerns about Union Street, our current administration has been working hard to improve the school, change those perceptions, and make it a great transition. Elm Hill’s already strong culture will carry into the Union Street Elementary School building with the children. Dr. Pereira and Mr. Cohn are both excellent principals and are working together to make the transition positive and successful for all children.

Likewise, the fifth grade moving to Riverside provides very exciting opportunities for them. Some of the benefits include additional resources for educational support and stronger core curriculum studies, with reading, math, and sciences. Riverside also offers additional specials, such as technology education, family consumer science, and visual arts. Additionally, they will have access to sports not offered through Parks & Rec.

With the combination of dedicated and supportive staff and a three-year grant from the state, the pre-k program can be fully operational and incredibly successful, if given the chance. Please think of the future of our children with your vote, and vote to accept the pre-k program in Springfield, Vt. Thank you for your time.


Jessica Burlew

School Board Budget Committee

Springfield, Vt.

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