A letter about the winter road conditions

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to this winter season’s road care and conditions. I am a legal resident and taxpayer in the town of Ludlow, Vt. I have resided off of Andover Road for over 30 years and feel that this winter season has been the worst for plowing, sanding, and salting. We have not yet had a major storm like years past, and we still can’t keep the roads clean.

Scraping road down when warm out will take care of lots of it; but if not, some salt will go long ways. As for sand, I do think they could stand to put more down. I go around and look at other roads, and they were plowed, sanded, and salted to the point of water running from the amount of salt used. I found the main roads, West Hill, South and North Hill clear. However, Andover and its adjoining roads were still snow-covered and with no salt or sand. This has been an ongoing matter for years and nothing gets done about it. For the amount of taxes we pay, we shouldn’t go through this.

We have yet to have a “real Vermont winter” like years past. And if we do and this is not addressed, how will roads be then?

I will say this. The town crew members of years gone by never left roads in such poor shape. They didn’t have the equipment like they do now and they still were in better shape. Maybe pride has been lost somewhere between the generations.


Dennis Van Guilder

Ludlow, Vt.

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