A letter about the tree in Veterans Memorial Park

Dear Editor,

A little history in regards to the beautiful maple tree in our Veterans Park that has to be removed. I believe that tree and four others were paid for by Zoa Fletcher who was one of the last Fletchers that helped settle our community of Ludlow.

Zoa was always concerned for the care of the park. She paid for the five trees and paid for the plantings of the trees. Sadly, this is the second tree having to be removed.

Mr. Ferguson who lived where the Harrisons lived across the park also used to help Zoa maintain the park. Zoa lived in the next house above Harrison where Richard’s mother lived. Is my memory off? Someone can please correct me.

Zoa would be very pleased to see how great a job our community does maintaining the Veterans Park. Thanks to all.

Thanks to the Vermont Journal [and Ralph Pace] for the article on the tree.


Herbert B. Van Guilder

Ludlow, Vt.

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