A letter about Gov. Scott’s budget speech

Dear Editor,

It is sad that the governor in his budget speech, that despite all the dire predictions about global heating and what it is going to mean for us in coming decades, still refuses to do anything significant about addressing the issue. Electric cars are not by themselves the answer. I drive an all-electric Leaf but I fully appreciate that it takes a huge amount of fossil fuels to make the car and its batteries and I have to drive it for a few years to offset those emissions with the renewable energy from my solar system.

A real good example of a political leader leading the way is Rep. Curt McCormack from Burlington who endures some challenges in not driving any car. Gov. Scott, how about you really leading the way with some solutions that will almost surely result in reductions of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions. A recent study has shown that for a carbon pricing policy carefully crafted, those of lower incomes could receive more in rebates than they would pay in costs. Let’s get on that track Gov. Scott, instead of the race car track.


George Plumb

Washington, Vt.

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