A heartfelt thank you to my community

Dear Editor,

As I sit here recovering from a fractured right leg, it is time to spread the words “Thank You!” for the helping folks and hands during this time.

We are so grateful for all the food, errands, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, outings, coffee deliveries, barn chores, any act of kindness, and the biggest thank you for getting the hay in for the horses!

To the folks who have made it possible to still have the horses keep things going! To the numerous phone calls, emails, and text and Facebook messages.

Thank you to Bill, Koreen, and John Dailey; AJ Bussino and friends; Tiegen and Beth; Jen, Jarrod, and Jordan Harper; Tina, Laura, and Shirley Butler; Barb Calhoun; Norma Guy; George Rye; Tom Jones; Dunkin Donuts and the awesome coffee; Marci Tucker; Pat Neher; Lisa Johnstone and Howard Brooks; Cindi and Jeff Billings and family; Chris and Jill Matthews, our recent new next door neighbors; Laurie and Mat Bellantoni; Bonny Wood; Renee Frate, and Kathi Estep.

If we missed anyone, you know who you are and thank you as well.


Robert and Tracey Leary

Ludlow, Vt.

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