Herring talks “Share Your Voice”

Dear Editor,


I recently moved to Springfield and wanted to get involved in the local Democratic Party. I was able to make some quick and friendly connections, and I joined the Springfield Democratic Town Committee. I was also elected to be a delegate to the Windsor County Democratic Party.

Last Saturday the committee held an event at the Black River Coffee Bar called “Springfield, Share Your Voice.” It was a terrific get together, and I was really encouraged that so many of our local representatives were there. State Senators Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack, and Becca White came to meet the voters of Springfield, along with State Representatives Alice Emmons and Kristi Morris. The day was informal and had a neighborly feeling. Later, the gathering unexpectedly broke into a very helpful forum where the elected officials listened to constituent concerns and talked about upcoming legislation and issues that were most important to them.

The town committee is planning to make “Share Your Voice” a quarterly event, and I know that we’re all hoping to see our Springfield neighbors of all political viewpoints in the future. I’m so happy to be in a community that is represented by people so willing to come meet and listen to local voters. I’m hoping to get to know more about my new home and to get to know my other Springfield neighbors.


Thank you,

Britton Herring

Springfield, Vt.

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