Bellows Falls Remembered

The Square

where four streets meet.

lined with three-storied

brick buildings.

Festooned with lights

every Christmas

Where the parades end

And shopping begins.

Stores aplenty,

Army and Navy

Surplus at good prices,

Newberrys candy counter.

Fletchers has everything,

even bus tickets

JJ Fentons to dress guys,

Tidds for the ladies

Howard Hardware

had a tack room.

Whelans on the stairs,

Cokes of many flavors.

Fenton and Hennesey’s

Toyland in December only.

The Opera House,

escape into fantasy.

Side street stores,

Ten of them,

Tony’s, Karpinski’s, Clark’s, Kenneys

To name a few.

The Railroad, our link

to the outside world

Tunnel under the square,

who knew?

Indestructible Arch Bridge,

portal for north walpolers.

Moore and Thompsons,

creator of multi-colored Connecticut.

The first US canal started,

Now feeds the power plant,

Creates the “Island.”

Canal banks are a sunny spot for winos.

Scary dark tunnels

In North Walpole.

Under the trains

That thunder overhead.

Atkinson, George, Wells

St Charles and North Walpole

Then “Enter to Learn

Go fourth to Serve.”

The Playgrounds

football in September,

skating in January,

baseball in May.


three swimming holes.

Home of baskets and drumsticks.

On the way to Saxons River.

The Connecticut River

The actual falls.

Faces in stone

Of ancient residents.

Alumni Weekend

spectacular floats.

Many Bands, huge crowds.

Much brew.

Bellows Falls,

great little town

to grow up in

to long remember.


By Bob O’Connor

Littleton, N.H.

Formerly of Bellows Falls

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