This & That: Local athletes, college stars

Springfield’s Chelsea McAllister This Sunday, a former Springfield Cosmo standout basketball player will have her moment at center stage in one of New England’s largest basketball arenas. However, there will be no hooping it up. At least of the kind … Continued

This & That: Area school rivalries


Who decided what a rivalry is? Was it the media? We are really good at pointing you to the big match-ups. Over the years, Bellows Falls and Springfield have been labeled rivals, Fall Mountain and Stevens, Black River and Green … Continued

This & That

I find it tough that when events happen in high school sports that border on the outrageous, there is little answer about how to correct them. I also know I take time worrying about this type of thing more than … Continued

This & That

Just imagine… Life is going great for you day after day. You seem to be enjoying just about every 24 hours to the fullest. Then all of a sudden, someone hits you with an opportunity that almost doesn’t make sense. … Continued


Remembering Green Mountain’s star JV basketball team As I look back in time over recent years, I can think of four examples of our six reporting schools in the area where a school had to call time out in a … Continued

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Fall Mountain

High school baseball/softball opening games Things were headed toward being the best spring for high school baseball and softball opening week we have had in a long time. More fields than usual were clear and the spring coaches had their … Continued

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Honore Collins and Heather Dennis  In all likelihood, the name Honore Collins does not ring a bell for you. Let’s try another name. Heather Dennis. Many readers will remember Dennis, who was a strong performer for Russ Pickering in cross … Continued

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It started to occur to me during the fall of 2017 that some sports at some levels really don’t care if fans understand the rules or not. As a lover of many sports who makes sure I understand the rules … Continued

This & That: 9th annual Dari Joy Baseball Contest

Today’s column is introducing the 9th annual Dari Joy Baseball Contest. For the past eight baseball seasons, The Vermont Journal & The Shopper and the Dari Joy in Bellows Falls have teamed up for readers to have an opportunity to … Continued

This & That


What an enjoyable week last week was! Not only was I blessed with back-to-back trips to the Final Four at the Auditorium in Barre, but I was able to sit back and enjoy two splendid efforts that fell short. Don’t … Continued

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