The snowplow

snow plow

Ted Spaulding’s father Ed was an auctioneer while running the Town Farm and his Star Route Mail contract. Ed sold out many area homes in the 1940s into the early 1960s. Along the way, Ed picked up a few antiques … Continued

Al’s IGA


From about 1940 through the early 1970s, Al’s IGA was a busy store in downtown Chester. Al Cross took over what had been the Grand Union. In the 1800s into the early 1900s, it was known as the Fletcher Block. … Continued

Star Route Mail

Star Route

In the 1900s, Star Route Mail was transported by bonded non-postal contractors. Star Route mail was mail delivered between towns by these contractors. This would be similar to box trucks you see coming and going at your local post office … Continued

My friend Bud

Bud Nadeau

My longtime friend Bud Nadeau has passed. We have been friends since our days at Chester Elementary School. By the time we were in Chester Junior High School, we had become very close. For those who didn’t know Bud, he … Continued

The hitchhiker


In the 1960s and 1970s, hitchhiking was commonplace. Many kids my age had “thumbed,” “bummed,” or “hitched” a ride by age 15. We didn’t go far, usually to neighboring towns. It was a great sense of freedom being away from … Continued

Chester Town Hall


Below is a brief history of Chester Town Hall. Town Hall was built in 1884. It was in 1883 when talk became serious about building a town hall. There was debate where town hall should be built. Some thought it … Continued

Cowboy Marshall


The name Louis Marshall (1880-1968) will be familiar to area residents my age or older. A few will remember Louis as the Bartonsville cowboy who had been with Buffalo Bill. Recently, the Chester Historical Society was gifted a large collection … Continued

Hoof and mouth disease


Below is a 1902 newspaper clipping found in a scrapbook kept by Mary Harris. The photo they mention was badly stained so I couldn’t use it. Instead is a photo of Frank Adams Buttonwood Farm. “Windham and Windsor counties are … Continued

Working for a living


Examining a 1921 journal kept by W.R. Spaulding and his son Ed, I am able to put together what a typical day was like at their livery stable. Some weeks W.R. and Ed took in $35 – $501 today. I … Continued

Nothing up my sleeve


In a recent donation of Ted Spaulding to the Chester Historical Society was a rare visor cap with a Vermont chauffeur badge attached. Back in the early automobile days, instead of what we know today as a taxi service was … Continued

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