Thanks from GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club

LUDLOW, Vt. – GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club would like to thank everyone who contributed to Tree of Remembrance campaign. The campaign is over but we will accept donations anytime for the Scholarship Fund.

Send your contribution to Fran Derlinga, P.O. Box 229, Plymouth, VT 05056 with a check made out to GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club.

Any student living in Ludlow, Proctorville, Cavendish, Plymouth, or Mount Holly, going to a trade school, two-year school, or nursing school may apply.

The following names are those to be remembered:

Mary and Ed Augustaskis, Helen Ballaid, Owen and Helen Bates, Beth Bartlett, Oscar and Nell Beckman, Earl Bonneau, Harold and Mary Bragg, Harley and Ida Bragg, Margarite and Oscar Bryant, Roy and Marie Bryant, Kim Bryant, Stanley and Francis Bryant, Evelyn Bryant, Brian Burke, Peter Connor, Lane Danyou, Roy and Leta Davis, Ellsworth and Dorothy Davis, Joy Davis, Frank and Christine Deluca, Carol Deluca, Tom and Mary Derlinga, George and Evelyn Dever, Kathy Dever, Carolyn Gauthier, Leonard Gendron, Stanley and Ethel Grandfield, Brenda Gregory, Stan Hart, Doug Haskell, Rita Higgins, Leta Hudgings, Francis Hughes, Donna Inler, Paul Keith, Jack Kemp, Tina Koye, Carol Lee Kuk, George Laber, Dexter Lockwood, Irene and Joseph Lorrain, George and Rose Macintyre, Russell Maimone, Fred Marin, Edwin and Elizabeth Merrill, Paula Messina, Anna McKinnie, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McLean, Aaron W. McNabb, Marylin and Richard Milliken, Jud and Ginnie Nelson, Ernest and Melba Noll, Emma Noll, Pete Noyes, Ellen Parrish, Lana Parks, Helen Remy, Laval Remy, Gardner and Laura Ripley, Carole Robert, Don Robert, Carol Rowan, Ronald Schauster, Leon and Mary Shabbott, Bernard and Shirley Snow, Carolyn Spaulding David Stearns, Nick and Betty Stone, Vera and Donald Sullivan, Dan Sullivan, Rick Sullivan, Terri Tabshey, Doris and Harold Tedford, Carl Trick, Marily Trick, Jim and Marian VanGuilder, and Linsay Wiseman.


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