Second Rockingham ARPA fund discussion to take place

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – Rockingham residents, please join us for the second public meeting on Wednesday, April 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Lower Theater of the Bellows Falls Opera House for a follow-up session on proposed projects for the region’s ARPA funds.

Residents will be invited to “rank” the more than 50 projects based on potential impact on the community and the vision as discussed at the Take Action Rockingham meetings in 2020 and updated at the ARPA public engagement meeting of March 16, 2022.

Camoin Associates have categorized all projects into themes: infrastructure, housing, climate change, business, and economic development, and organized them to show the overlap of project details within the goals and community vision. The Development and Planning Offices will rate alignment with the Town Plan and the Project team will add filters for short, medium, and long-range planning, project readiness, and investment already made.

The sorted and organized list and an agenda for April 13 public engagement session activities will be posted April 5 on the Town website and on local Facebook Groups, in preparation for the April 13 meeting.

On April 13, participants will break into groups for projects related to each municipality: the Villages of Bellows Falls, Saxtons River, and the Town of Rockingham, and work with the list of the projects specific to their municipality, to focus projects on priorities for the final report of ARPA projects to the Boards.

50 projects were proposed by nonprofits, town officials, and individual residents ranging from dire needs to bright ideas. Some of them are easy to implement and can be accomplished this year, while others need tremendous support and funds, and a few of these projects might take decades to come to fruition. Most of them sit in the middle of the road and many are infrastructure related and can save taxpayer money for future project proposals.

The boards will have the final say on how ARPA funds are spent within their communities, but your support will be integral in achieving the community vision and Rockingham’s goals for the future.

The final presentation will be held on the Joint Board meeting on Tuesday, May 31. Visit after April 5 for project list and agenda; email questions to


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