Savings Bank of Walpole introduces online financial learning center

WALPOLE, N.H. – Savings Bank of Walpole is pleased to announce they’re making financial learning opportunities more accessible to customers and the community by offering access to an online financial learning center in partnership with Banzai, an online financial education program.

The Banzai online courses, which can be accessed by visiting, offer three levels of resources designed for kids, teens, and adults. Each gamified course walks users through real-life scenarios such as balancing a budget, paying bills, and dealing with unplanned expenses. Users can assess their understanding of personal finance material by taking tests both before and after the course. As part of the program, users can also access an extensive library of short articles on practical financial topics for every age. Adult-level resources even tackle complex subjects like insurance and mortgage interest, with embedded links for further research.

“The bank is excited to offer this valuable financial learning resource to our customers, our nonprofit community, and the greater community,” says Mark Bodin, president for Savings Bank of Walpole. “We were impressed with the way Banzai’s clear, in-depth financial lessons are specifically designed to target different age groups – from children and teens to adults. Moreover, the information is not only informative and educational, it’s fun and interactive so it will engage all ages.”

For more information, visit or call 603-352-1822.

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