Sandy Burgess retires but Chrisandra’s Interiors will live on

Sandy Burgess, retiring owner of Chrisandra’s Interiors. Photo by Sharon Huntley

LUDLOW, Vt. – Forty years can go by in the blink of an eye when you are doing what you love. At least that how it seems according to Sandy (Chrisandra) Burgess of Chrisandra’s Interiors. Although the time has come for Sandy to retire and for her part in the business to end, the name of Chrisandra’s, as well as the Pond Street location, will continue on with a new owner and designer in the coming weeks.

Sandy began her business in the basement of her home in 1980 sewing window treatments, pillows, dust ruffles, roman shades, draperies, and all manner of soft home goods. When she was offered 100 square feet in the front window of the local Ace Hardware store, her business tripled. That gave her the confidence to open her own storefront in 1988 in the Hammond Hall Building on Main Street in Ludlow. She eventually owned three locations but consolidated her business in the current Pond Street location.

Burgess credits the key to her success to answering to the needs of big or small jobs regardless. “If you had a need, it made me happy to fill it. That’s my biggest thing,” she said. The sale of her business happened in the 11th hour as preparations for her liquidation sale were already in place, but she is pleased that the new owners saw the value in that mindset. He has agreed that his designer will do the same, catering to all jobs whether large or small.

Even though she is extremely proud of the business she has built, Burgess is ready to retire. She had been in Florida six months out of the year for the last four years while her lead designer ran the day-to-day operations. Once he decided to leave, she needed to step back in as manager. At that point, she decided she was ready for a formal retirement.

Right now, there is a huge liquidation sale happening at Chrisandra’s Interiors including furniture, carpet, fabric, lighting, decorative pieces, window treatments, fixtures, shelving, displays, and even their delivery van. Customers can also earn daily incentives to be entered into additional prizes during the sale.

Once she hands over the reins for good, Burgess will consult for a few weeks and then be on call for any questions. Being a landlord for both the Hammond Hall and Pond Street locations will keep her busy in the Ludlow area as well.

What she is most looking forward to is having the time for spirited Yahtzee games with her mother, as well as exercising, swimming, and getting back on the pickle ball court.

Chrisandra’s Interiors Liquidation sale is happening through Nov. 9. For more information, stop by the store at 72A Pond St, in Ludlow Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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