Putney Cares

PUTNEY, Vt. – Putney Cares Board members, Ann Coakley, Joan Bowman, Bruce Whitney, Tiffin Mabry and Julie Forsythe met with a cross section of Putney community members on July 9th to discuss the strengths and challenges for elders in our community.  We noted that nationally Putney is part of the leading edge in our country, being the oldest county in the oldest state. We addressed the many resources available in town now and discussed possible connections that we can make between existing organizations in town to strengthen support for elders to stay healthy in their own homes.

This is part of a process that Putney Cares is undergoing in creating a job description for the position of office manager recently vacated by Pamela Cubbage. At the recent extended board visioning meeting, we reviewed the wealth of community input, revised our thinking about Putney Cares role in the future, created new criteria for hiring a part time staff assist and agreed on a time line for hiring. At the August 3rd board meeting final decisions will be made. The new job will be posted in early August, and after interviews and board decision, Putney Cares hopes to have the position filled by early September.

This year is an exciting new chapter in Putney Cares, Inc. We will be focusing on building strong connections with other agencies in town, and expanding collaborative programs that already exist such as the Community Lunch voucher program with the Food Shelf and Computer training for seniors at the Library with Landmark College students. We intend to open the Putney Cares Activities Barn to more activities relevant and supportive of Putney’s seniors; Putney Cares for its’ elders. Please contact us if you are interested in the mission. We are in need of volunteers to drive for medical appointments, assist with Meals on Wheels and to serve on the Board.

Our email is putneycares@svcable.net or call 802-387-5593.

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