New online resources launch in support of local businesses

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – This COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing is changing people’s lives, and it is changing the world. Many of our Springfield area businesses and organizations are struggling. In an effort to help, the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, Black River Innovation Campus, and Indelible Inc. have joined forces to build a new online resource called “Support Springfield.”

This community tip jar website is a collective portal encouraging community members to continue shopping local and also providing a platform for individuals to contribute funds to help the cause.

Folks can drop a tip for any of the participating businesses and organizations. Donate, access the businesses’ websites to buy gift cards, shop the online stores, or order take-out. Stay home and stay safe while still supporting our wonderful, amazing local businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Find your favorite businesses and show them some love! Visit our website at and click the Support Springfield button to check it out!

Small businesses continue to be anchors of support within our communities. As a continued effort to create relations between our entrepreneurs and the local community, Exit 7 Vermont has created a new venue through Here, the community can purchase and support a variety of local businesses and nonprofits while at the same time, celebrating their resilience and ingenuity to thrive. Exit 7 Vermont will keep this project running for as long as there is a need and producing orders on demand. Each shirt, with the chosen represented business or nonprofit, receives $10 profit directly from the purchase. Help your favorite merchants and visit and join the community on Facebook and by using hashtags #exit7vt and #exit7vermont!

At some point, the Stay Home, Stay Safe restrictions will be lifted, and we will all filter back into our communities to reunite in person, to assess the damage, pick up the pieces, and rebuild. Our area establishments will once again become gathering places to bump into friends, chat with our neighbors, and connect. Businesses are cornerstones of small-town life, and they are beacons of hope during trying times that inspire us each to do our part in the recovery process. We are people of great determination, and Springfield is a resilient community. Together we are strong. We look forward to recovering with all of you.

  Written by Caitlin Christiana, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce

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