LaValley donates $6,000 towards Expeditionary School at Black River

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Expeditionary School at Black River board continues its hard work to support the school’s financial future. The Pathways to Possibilities Campaign continues, and we are thrilled to thank our newest member of the Groundbreaker category of donors: our hometown building headquarters, LaValley Building Supply. They generously donated $6,000 towards supporting education and the school’s mission to educate students to be intellectually curious, resourceful, and confident in themselves for a life of personal fulfillment and civic engagement.

The school is working to create a more passionate, engaged, and prepared workforce for the future through empowering students to be leaders in their learning and thus leaders in their communities. Through providing flexible pathways towards individualized goals, the school encourages independent and self-directed learners.

Seeing the vision play out this year in the classroom has been a powerful testament to the power of self-directed learning in action. Students are tackling their schedules, their assignments, and their own capacity for learning with a sense of ownership and purpose that cultivates responsibility. To hear more about the campaign and the progress of the school from Kendra Rickerby, Head of School, Susan Haefner, Performing Arts Instructor, and Megan Jenkins, Vice-Chair of the Board, you can watch the conversation recorded at Okemo Valley TV at

Saturday, June 12 will be the first graduation of the Expeditionary School at Black River. The graduation will celebrate the first-ever graduate, Taylor Meyette at 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Town Hall. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the graduation ceremony has limited seating, but if you want to show your support please line Depot Street at 10 a.m. with signs to show your support.

The school is grateful for the community’s support in this campaign. Our contributors include LaValley, $6,000; Mary Davis Real Estate, $5,500; William Raveis, $1,432; John and Rosa Donohue, $1,200; Knight Tubs, $1,000; Ulie Donahue, $1,000; Ludlow Masons, $1,000; Engels & Volker Real Estate, $1,000; Jenkins Builders, $1,000; Tim and Carol Haigh, $1,000; Main & Mountain, $1,000; The Hostel, $1,000; Brewfest, $500; Michael and Terrence Corbie-Plaut, $500; Annabelle Reid, $250; American Legion, $200; Jay Buckley, $100; Justin Savage, $100; Anne Bruntrager, $100; Shirley Holden, $50; and Jake Sapatos, $20. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please visit our website,

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