Chamber welcomes new owner of Fitness Solutions

From left to right: Caitlin Christiana, Amy Duffy, Nathan Marshall, Julie Hayes, and Dan Harrington at Fitness Solutions
From left to right: Caitlin Christiana, Amy Duffy, Nathan Marshall, Julie Hayes, and Dan Harrington. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome another young business owner to the mix in Springfield. On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Chamber Board members performed a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate Nathan Marshall taking ownership of Fitness Solutions, a private gym located at 19 Front St. The historic building was built in 1902 and originally served as The Hartness House’s carriage house. The space has been operating as a private gym for 25 years. Now under Nate’s energetic ownership, the business is evolving.

Nate Marshall was born and raised in Springfield. He is a Springfield High School alum currently residing in Proctorville. An ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, Nate’s interest in fitness started at a very young age. He recalls memories of watching WCW Wrestling with his dad at 8 years old and being blown away by the wrestlers’ physiques and strength. Nate thought, “One day I want to look like that!”

By age 10, he started working out and weightlifting. Through his teenage years and into his early 20s, he began noticing others around him exercising with poor form and it got him thinking, “I could show people how to fix that.”

His encouraging wife Denise started pushing him into the field. Denise Gebroe is a talented personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga and spin instructor, and bootcamp leader. She runs her own private gym in Cavendish, and she felt confident that Nate could do the same in Springfield.

So Nate began the slow transition of becoming certified. Then he found the opportunity to take ownership of Fitness Solutions in January of 2020. When asked why he chose Springfield as the location for his business, Nate responded simply, “It’s home.”

As a new member of the Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce, Nate is very interested in the ongoing efforts to revitalize Springfield. He and his wife attended the Chamber’s annual Meeting Dinner in January, and Nate said he “felt very inspired, seeing this group of people that are passionate about fixing up Springfield. I witnessed [the town] go downhill in the past, and now, seeing some of the new projects coming into play, making it beautiful again – I definitely recognize that I want to help in some way.”

Fitness Solutions focuses on functional fitness, proper body mechanics, and teaching people how to use their bodies optimally – fixing posture, moving correctly, and strength training. Another area of focus is weight loss through nutrition. “It really comes down to what you eat, and you can’t starve yourself either. Building muscle, improving balance, whatever someone really is looking to do, I will work with them to meet their goals.”

So, what unique factors differentiate Fitness Solutions from other fitness centers in the region? Nate’s establishment is a private gym for clients only. He explains, “Clients are entitled to their privacy with no distractions. A lot of people are self-conscious, they have insecurities, or they’re easily distracted. At Fitness Solutions, it’s just me and the client in a private setting and nothing else matters. So you’re not worrying about how you look, or what others are doing, or trying to impress or compete.”

The facility features an impressive amount of equipment and he’s made some beautiful improvements to the space with plans to bring in some new machines as well.

Nathan Marshall Fitness Solutions is located at 19 Front St. in Springfield, open Tuesday through Saturday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., by appointment only. Contact Nate at 802-591-2957 or to learn more.

  Written by Caitlin Christiana, Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce

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