Business Spotlight: Walpole Creamery

532 Main Street, Walpole, N.H.


Since 2006, Walpole Creamery has been a locally owned and operated, small batch ice cream maker. Using only local, organic, and all-natural ingredients, Walpole Creamery produces super premium ice cream in 14 standard and six seasonal flavors. They make their own base mix from fresh, Jersey milk that they pick up from Crescent Farm in Walpole.

After they pick up raw milk, the sweet cream base mix is made fresh that same day. Their special chocolate base is cooked with Dutch cocoa powder. They make a vat of creamy hot chocolate, which provides unique rich chocolate flavor that is far superior to traditional mixed chocolate. The base ice cream mixes, both sweet cream and chocolate, are chilled overnight before the all-natural ingredients – cookies, nuts, ginger, fruits, etc. – are mixed in the next day.

  Standard ice cream contains 10 percent milk fat and is generally whipped up to 100 percent overrun. Overrun is the amount of air in a product. Walpole Creamery’s ice cream has over 16 percent milk fat and only 25 percent overrun, making it a very dense, rich, and creamy ice cream, entitled to be labeled “super premium.”

Walpole Creamery was originally opened in 2006 by three owners. When they put the business up to sell, there were many out-of-state offers; but Rob Kasper said, “Wouldn’t it be better to keep a local owner.” Kasper has been the majority owner since 2014.

Kasper is a graduate of Penn State ice cream school where he met Bobby Dorman, the now ice cream production manager. Kasper and Dorman shared enthusiasm for “creating the best ice cream while adhering to the standards of keeping the final product all-natural and the creamiest offering on the store shelf.”

  Dorman won top honors for his vanilla formula at the Penn State Short Course. He liked the concept of the cooking of chocolate to make the base that when he started at the Walpole Creamery, he doubled the amount of chocolate in the recipe and created the signature “Double Dutch Chocolate” flavor.

Meanwhile, Kasper has expanded Walpole Creamery’s distribution to over 220 stores in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. A selection of Walpole Creamery’s 14 standard flavors can be found year-round in most local grocery stores.

The Creamery has two ice cream parlors where visitors can try their flavors, including Dorman’s limited edition, seasonal confections such as brown sugar rhubarb and wild blue lemon made with wild Maine blueberries. Kasper’s wife, Barbara, is responsible for creating the rhubarb and blueberry reductions that are then blended into to the sweet cream base mix.

The Walpole parlor is located at 532 Main Street on Route 12 and is open daily, noon to 9 p.m., beginning June 23. The Keene parlor is located at 149 Main Street and is open Sunday through Thursday, noon to 9 p.m. and Friday to Saturday, noon to 10 p.m.

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