Business Spotlight: Barr’s Builders Inc.

Barr’s Builders Inc.

P.O. Box 172, Proctorsville, Vt.

802-226-7561 or 802-384-7561


Tom Barr, owner of Barr’s Builders, founded his construction business in 1986 out of Cavendish. Barr’s Builders offers many general contracting services from small to large. “Anything to do with building and remodeling,” is in Barr’s job description, “whether it be replacing deck boards to adding an addition onto a house.”

Remodeling can include everything from replacing bathroom tile, kitchen renovations, or finishing a basement. Barr’s Builders can also build you a new construction house or garage from the ground up, and offers some excavating services as well.

  Barr constructs beautiful log homes, or post and beam houses, but also builds a lot of stick construction, or your conventional lumber frame homes with 2×6 studded walls. In these structures, “window openings are constructed as you frame the house.” With log homes you can buy packages, or build from scratch, and the windows are cut into the logs after the frame has been constructed. “It’s more labor,” said Barr, but it is a stunning finished product.

“I started in shop class in high school,” Barr explained. From high school he started working full time for two different companies for about two years gaining experience and expertise. He then decided to start up his own construction business.

“I started out small,” said Barr, and he grew from there as he built upon his knowledge and experience. Jobs can fluctuate depending on the season and customer requests, but Barr keeps himself, and his crew of one to five guys, busy building.

Barr may pull subcontractors onto the site, depending how large of a job it is. Electricians, plumbers, architects, interior designers, and other subcontractors are typically used when a customer is looking for a new construction. They are also referred to when providing a quote for a job.

“But it’s not only about the cost to build,” Barr explained when discussing quotes. “It’s also about finding confidence and trust in who you hire.” You have to be able to build a working relationship with your contractor from the beginning of your job, and throughout the process, from choosing your home’s layout to the colors you paint your walls.

Barr is available year-round, with a flexible schedule to work around your needs. Contact Barr’s Builders at the office 802-226-7561 or cell phone 802-384-7561, or by emailing

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